Expert knowledge, first class service

We have extensive experience with all types of tiles and architectural design needs. The directors of Bibliotheque Tiles have worked in the industry with leading architects and designers for over 20 years.

We have the technical background to ensure that we buy only the very best quality Italian tiles, and together with an extremely keen eye for design, we will ensure you get the right type of tiling that looks fantastic too.

As well as help with the selection of your tiles, our expertise will ensure you know all you need to know about the correct installation process as well as cleaning and maintenance. We are happy to advise on expert tile installers to ensure you have the expert fit “to match the finish”.

Award winning design, plus innovation and quality

All of the tiles we select are done so with a discerning design conscious customer in mind. We know people like exclusive and unique design, without compromising on quality or durability. It is for these reasons that Bibliotheque Tiles select only the very best tiles and Italian suppliers that meet these criteria.

We spend time throughout the year assessing new tiling products and meeting manufacturers so we can bring you the very latest floor, wall and exterior tiling as they are released. Put simply we never compromise on a promise to bring you tiles that are unique and the best.

Our knowledge and eye for design has resulted in Bibliotheque Tiles being awarded regularly at the International Grand Prix Design awards. Judged every two years by an international panel of architects, we are proud of our design and installation credentials having been recognised:

2002 – 1st in residential category

2006 – 1st in residential category

2010 – 2nd in residential category

Our ecological philosophy

We take the environment and sustainability extremely seriously, and source all of our tiles from leading Italian manufacturers with ecological certification by EMAS and IQNet.

We refuse to deal with anyone who does not have the necessary certification or on-going programmes to ensure production and sustainability are taken seriously.

EMAS is the European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, which is awarded to manufacturers who have been independently assessed. They must show an environmental management system that promotes continuous improvement of their environmental performance and a published environmental statement. IQNET is the International Certification Network that certifies manufacturers who implement and maintain an Environmental Management System which meets UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

Bibliotheque Tiles suppliers ensure not only the production process, but all stages before, after and alongside production are environmentally sound. Manufacturing is through a closed cycle production process in which sophisticated anti-pollution installations completely recycle and recover all components, with virtually zero emissions and dispersal. Firing kilns run exclusively on natural gas, which is a clean fuel, and all production waste, including waste-water, is treated and reused within the plant itself for other applications.