1.  Ordering

  • Please check your invoice to ensure that the correct material has been ordered as Bibliotheque Ltd do not accept any complaints whatsoever for material which has been installed.
  • All orders are subject to non-cancellation and are non-refundable.  Deposits will be forfeited in the event of the buyer cancelling the order.
  • All items ordered remain the sole property of Bibliothèque Ltd until paid for in full.
  • All prices displayed are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and are ex-Bibliothèque Ltd warehouse.
  • Please ensure that you have ordered sufficient tiles, as Bibliotheque Ltd cannot guarantee any availability of material neither shade neither caliber in the event of any shortages.
  • Bibliotheque Ltd cannot be held responsible for any take-offs of quantities from sketches, drawings or room sizes provided by the buyer and must be verified on site by the installer/fitter/builder.  This service is provided in good faith without knowing the conditions of the site or that dimensions given are accurate.  An allowance of between 7%-12%, depending on the size of the tile, is standard for wastage and cutting on top of the actual quantity and therefore should be ordered in addition.
  • Non-stock materials are on approximately 30 working day delivery.
  • Delivery dates from works to Bibliothèque Ltd warehouse are approximate and in good faith.  Bibliothèque Ltd cannot be held responsible for dock strikes, lock-outs, acts of God, war, fire, tempest, floods, accident/damage to goods, haulage strikes, ferry strikes, picketing, custom delays, holiday closures etc.
  • Any dates estimated for delivery to site are approximate and Bibliothèque Ltd shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of goods howsoever caused.
  • Times of delivery shall not be of the essence and Bibliothèque Ltd shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever as a result of a late delivery.
  • We strongly recommend that customers do not book tradesmen until the materials have been received and fully checked with all packaging removed.

2.  Payment

  • Terms & Conditions of Sale are payment in full for any stock material held in the UK and for non-stock items 50% deposit upon placement of an order and the remaining outstanding balance on credit card orders will be charged to the credit card on arrival of goods to our warehouse unless alternative payment method advised.  If the remaining outstanding balance is payable by cash, cheque or BACS then we must be in receipt of cleared funds prior to delivery or collection of ordered materials.

3. Quotations

  • Quotations by the company unless otherwise stated shall be open for acceptance within 30 days of the date of the quotation, thereafter are subject to change.

4. Prices

  • Bibliotheque Ltd has the right to adjust its prices and delivery charges at any time and without notice in the price of materials, parts, labour, transport, changes in delivery schedule or quantities or changes in foreign currencies or costs of any kind arising for any reason after the date of the contract. A number of materials are imported and therefore the price is subject to change with fluctuation of foreign currencies.
  • Prices are ex-Bibliotheque warehouse and exclude VAT and other taxes or duties.  Prices invoiced are calculated in respect of the quantity of goods actually delivered irrespective of the quantity in respect of which any quotation was issued.

5. Samples

  • All samples are to be paid for and are only refundable against an order if returned in good condition.
  • When samples are submitted, in the case of ceramics they are only indicative of colour, tonality, and size.
  • When samples are submitted, in the case of natural stone they are only indicative of colour.
  • For natural stones that have veining and natural markings particularly on commercial projects control samples should be requested when an order is placed as small standard samples are in no way control samples.
  • Glass samples are to be paid for in full and are non-refundable/non-returnable.

6. Small Orders

  • There is a minimum order on certain products and are subject to a surcharge, which shall be quoted on request on Bibliothèque Ltd’s invoice.

7. Returns

  • No returns accepted whatsoever due to batches and calibers.

8. Inspection of Materials

  • All products must be inspected for defects and that the products are the correct features that you ordered prior to fixing, as once the materials are installed Bibliothèque Ltd will not accept any responsibility.

9. Collection/Deliveries

  • All products to be checked by the buyer either on Bibliothèque Ltd’s premises if collecting or on site if delivering, as Bibliothèque Ltd will not be held responsible for any breakages or shortages once they have left the premises or after delivered to site.  Bibliothèque Ltd checks all orders prior to dispatch.
  • If the Buyer requires materials to be delivered, at least 5 working days notice is required by Bibliothèque Ltd.
  • If delivery is attempted and either there is no assistance on site or nobody present to accept the delivery, the material will be returned to Bibliotheque Ltd’s warehouse and it will be classified as an aborted delivery and re-charged to the buyer automatically.
  • Bibliotheque Ltd will only deliver to the external front door on the delivery date agreed.  The buyer must supply labour.
  • No goods will be released unless proof of purchase is provided at point of collection, unless otherwise arranged.

10. Storage

  • Materials ordered by the buyer will be notified immediately of availability and will be stored for a period of 30 working days unless agreed otherwise.
  • Above and beyond the aforementioned time period and no collection or delivery arranged storage charges will be applied at £1.00 per square foot per day until the materials are removed from the premises.
  • Storage charges will be charged and paid for in full by the buyer prior to collection or delivery.

11. Fixing

  • Before installing the tiles check that the tile features are exactly according to the ordered type of material as Bibliotheque Ltd do not accept any complaints whatsoever for material which has been installed.
  • Bibliotheque Ltd offers no guarantees as to the quality of workmanship of any person or company whose name has been passed on to the buyer and is not liable for any loss howsoever caused as a result of the behavior or workmanship of any such person or company.
  • Bibliotheque Ltd is not responsible for any loss caused by failure to fix any materials in accordance with Bibliothèque’s Fixing Instructions, a copy of which is available upon request.  Neither will Bibliothèque Ltd accept any liability for materials that have been used in areas or circumstances for which they were not recommended by Bibliothèque Ltd and for which they are unsuitable.

12. Guarantee

  • Bibliotheque Ltd warrants that only the best workmanship and materials commensurate to the purchase price and the quality of the goods have been employed.
  • Bibliotheque Ltd further warrants to replace any goods found to be so defective with goods of similar quality, design and size if:
  • The goods are returned before they are fixed within 5 working days from delivery or collection.
  • The goods have been properly stored and that the goods and boxes are dry and undamaged.

14. Data Protection

  • Bibliotheque Ltd reserve the right to keep all customers details on their ordering system and a paper copy of your order in our main offices until such time we deem it suitable to destroy them.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure all information remains confidential.