Porcelain Glazed

Porcelain Glazed

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In contrast to the formality and standardisation of square and rectangular porcelain glazed tiles we present to you the new Honeycomb Collection.

The distinct hexagon shape, colourful and textural surfaces combine to create a unique and characterful space of simple elegance. The unbeatable properties of a fine glazed porcelain tile means you get the benefit of a hardwearing and low maintenance surface and the chance to express your own creativity and style anywhere in the home – contemporary or traditional.

Each tile measures 23.9×27.6cm, the perfect size for creating interesting and unique designs.

The Plain Colour collection consists of 15 plain colours with optional floral and geometric reliefs. The Plain Colours combine both organic and more daring bold colours, all providing a contemporary approach to tessellating shapes and colours together. With combinations endless, the impact you can make in a space is truly breathtaking. The richness of tones works together and illuminate and enhances a spaces character and charm.