Shell & Stone Mosaic Tiles

Shell & Stone Mosaic Tiles

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The beautiful effects of Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics are timeless. They have a mysterious and endearing effect, which allows them to be used in contemporary or traditional environments, or to create bespoke patterns and murals.

We have a range of mosaics for all types of uses and with many kinds of iridescent and metallic effects. Used on floors and walls either inside or outside, mosaics are perfect for transforming swimming pools, spas and bathroom spaces.

The Natural Stone mosaics are a split-faced type in colours of Thassos, Light Jerusalem Gold and Serena giving a very sculptured and architectural appearance.

The Natural Organic Shell mosaic is available in 4 colours and 3 different sizes on mesh-back, a product for the devoted naturalist and these elegant mosaics have an appearance which is pure and natural and therefore not contrived.